Tandoori Salmon Tikkas 0

We will the recipe post soon.

Chicken Xacuti 0

A uniquely flavored dish made from roasting a delicate blend of spices to form a thick paste with coconut and kashmiri chillies for an intense heat and delicious flavor. Chicken Xacuti is actually pronounced as shakuti. It’s a unique South Indian dish from the Goan region that is made

Inside everyone is an incredible cook. 0

One who can create delectable meals for themselves and their loved ones.   I cook every day of the week. Weekends not that much cooking as our social calendar is pretty full. Unless of course the get together is at our house. We Indians like to party a lot.

Chicken Tikka Masala 0

Tender chicken cooked on a griddle, then finished in a delicious rich cream sauce made with spices and a cashew nut paste. This dish is said to have originated in the Moti Mahal Hotel Restaurant in Delhi where the chefs didn’t want to waste the leftover chicken from the

Pan Fried Black Pepper Shrimp 0

Anda di Purjee (Indian Scrambled Eggs) 0

Simple and delicious spiced Indian eggs cooked with fried vegetables. Perfect for breakfast! This is a hearty, healthy breakfast which is a bit more exciting then plain old scrambled eggs. Very quick to knock up and one that I’d always make for my dad, so it’s very special to

Indian Masala Omelette 0

Omelettes are very so simple to make and am sure almost everyone knows how to make one. But, just for the sake of it and revisit those crappy times and little moments of happiness among them…I am posting my recipe of an Indian style Masala Omelette. There is of