Inside everyone is an incredible cook.

One who can create delectable meals for themselves and their loved ones.



I cook every day of the week. Weekends not that much cooking as our social calendar is pretty full. Unless of course the get together is at our house. We Indians like to party a lot. We need an excuse to get together with friends either for a quick bite or an elaborate dinner buffet laden with delicious preparations to tantalize our palette.

Getting back to cooking on the weekdays. I primarily cook Indian food. Bobby, my husband loves Indian food so that’s it for the most part. I usually start cooking around 5 in the evening and leave the food in the pots. I know when the hubby is home when I hear him noisily lifting the lids to taste the offerings for the day on his way in from the garage. Sometimes I catch him “in the act” of chomping a bite of sautéed okra or spicy shrimp, and all he has to say that it is delicious and all is forgiven. But then I realize that the meal has to be enjoyed, whether it is eaten straight from the pot or formally at the dining table.

Friends . . .

Welcome to the launch of the Curryzma-Tasty Bites.

Welcome to all of you who enjoy tasty food, love to cook and entertain friends. Join me as we together explore the various flavors, spices and cooking Indian food less daunting, easier to prepare with some handy tips and appealing to the eye.

You may have heard the saying “we eat with our eyes first!” If something does not appeal to my visual and smell senses then I would rather not eat for the sake of eating. I come under the category of people of those who live to eat – delicious food that is.

We do not go out to eat Indian food too often. The problem with majority of the restaurants, is that they tend to add cream to nearly every menu item, as a result the food is heavy to eat and overly spiced. On top of that decent Indian restaurants with their al carte menus tend to be very expensive even for a casual night out.

I think I make very delicious Indian food at home; I have my family and friends to vouch for that!

 “We haven’t eaten all day, in anticipation of the awesome meal we are going to eat tonite!”

“Why don’t you open a restaurant, you cook so well!”

“You are and amazing cook and everything is so well laid out and displayed.”

I dappled with numerous ideas namely opening a restaurant, having a catering business, conducting cooking classes and writing a cookbook. Incidentally I have started on the cookbook project and that is a work in progress. While that project is in the works, writing a blog sounded very interesting and exciting. Not only I will be sharing with you tasty recipes but also my thoughts, ideas, personal experiences and interacting in a pretty much real time format. Hence I launched Curryzma-Tasty Bites.

On these pages I will share recipes, handy tips, tablescapes, food and travel, updates on my vegetable garden and many more culinary notions.

Hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them. I would love to hear your suggestions, thoughts and what you would like to see on these pages.

Curryzma-Tasty Bites is dedicated to my mother, Kuku, who herself is an amazing cook, and who taught us that one should always eat well and not just keep the prized dishes for when you entertain. She gave me a cookbook the year I got married called “Prashad” and when she signed it she wrote “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!”

Thanks Mom!